UAV application fields

Television and Cinema

Whatever project you have, video or photo, DroneContrast offers you a professional team equiped with the best drones available in the market to answer your needs. The use of those technologies combined with our knowledge and experience offers you infinite possibilities and freedom in the design of your videos and takes. Our drone’s carrying capacity lets them take 4k UHD cameras while still being exceptionally stable and smooth. They are all equiped with 3 axis gyrostabilized gimbals in series, which lets us take ready to use shots to give a new dimension to your cinematographic or televisual projects.

  • DroneContrast Suivi moto Ducati
  • DroneContrast Suivi moto Ducati

Real Estate

Our drone range enables us to adapt to the property’s environment : be it a manor, a mas or a modern architect house. We help give an added value to your visual communication around the property.


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The tourism industry has become extremely concurrential. It is now essential to offer a very attractive range of services. DroneContrast highlights the beauty of your sites with unique images. Drones enable us to shoot along a unique angle and to make your public discover new perspectives, they are the ideal tool to make them want to come here.

  • DroneContrast Suivi moto Ducati
  • DroneContrast Suivi moto Ducati


Building and superstructures monitoring is now extremely simplified by the use of UAVs. No need to get someone up there close to what you want to audit, the UAV with its 4k recording and enormous level of detail does it for you. Safety wise, time wise and money wise, it’s the way to go. Architects can call DroneContrast to integrate 3d buildings on raw terrain for a final rendering close to real life. We can 3D model virtually any building from stil pictures taken 360° around it with our drones.


Dronecontrast offers process of picture data collection and/or terrain images of very high definition (under 5cm / pixel ) in a precise, fast and automated way. We work for geologists, archeologists, for topographic or hydrographic needs with centimetric  precise aerial pictures  and with very affordable rates compared to existing technologies (plane, helicopter, satellite).

  • DroneContrast Suivi moto Ducati