September 7th 2015, by antoine

Drone and Virtual Effects (VFX)

Logo DroneContrast prise de vue drone effets spéciaux VFX

DroneContrast is a company and drone operator in france specialized in aerial cinematography for cinema and commercials which sometimes necessitates virtual effects (VFX), as well as photogrammetry and 3D Modeling.

From this starting point, we went on and got in touch with VFX and 3D designers specialists : Tronatic Studio.

tronatic studio prise de vue drone effets spéciaux VFX

Tronatic studio is a well known 3D and VFX studio based in Tours, France, offering services in 3D design and virtual effects for more than ten years. The studio has a very wide array of clients and projects in field like cinema, commercials, short films, web series …

The studio keeps innovating to answer its clients needs and to take on new challenges. Currently we’re conjointly developping a 3D scan technology by drone.

Our partnership doesn’t end here with many VFX projects based on drone shots.

Aerial Cinematography and Virtual Effects

Here is a good example of the possibilities offered by the alliance of drone aerial shots and VFX.

Original shots is available here : Prise de vue drone du chateau de la Mothe Chandeniers

prise de vue aérienne en drone
prise de vue drone vfxdronecontrast
prestataire de prise de vue aérienne en dronedronecontrast